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Creating custom "Featured Products" section for the main page

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  • Creating custom "Featured Products" section for the main page

    So basically what I'm trying to accomplish here is that I want to put a "featured product" on the main page of my website. The main differences between what I want to do and what 3dcart's integrated Featured Products already does is that I want only one product (which I've set in the General Settings secion in the admin panel), and I want it to be bigger than the default box size for featured products (almost like another mini-product page on the home page, if that makes sense). I'd also like to be able to manually set which product shows up there.

    So far from what I can tell I need to edit what is called when <!--START: FEATURE_MENU--> is used, but I'm not sure where to find that - unless I'm going about this the wrong way, in which case any advice is appreciated.


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    The HTML is in your home.html template file. Here is my version, which is much simplified than the default version and should be easier to modify:

    		<div class="home_thumb_holder">
    			<img src="[image1]" class="home_thumb" alt="[name]">
    		<div class="center">
    		<a href="product.asp?itemid=[catalogid]" class="product-link">[name]<br>
    			<!--START: ITEMPRICE-->
    			<!--END: ITEMPRICE-->
    <!--END: ITEM_TEMPLATE_0-->
    <!--END: FEATURE_MENU-->


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      That's exactly what I was looking for! Now I'd like to do something like add the product description in that same box along with the random featured item. Is there a way to call the description of said item? I'd imagine that since 3dcart already shows the name, price, etc. I feel like it shouldn't be too hard to get the description in there....

      Thanks for your help!


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        It's probably possible, its just the matter of finding the right [variable_name] to use in the HTML. It is probably something like [description] or [extended_description]. You'll need to experiment.