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Problem Restoring a Previous Version of Template

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  • Problem Restoring a Previous Version of Template

    So my store was doing something funky and I began a chat with tech support. Without any warning the guy restored my store back to the default template. I didn't have anything backed up.

    Now my serps are plummeting so apparently something VERY important is now gone. When I clicked restore to a previous version of the template for my frame template nothing happened... I have made so many changes to my templates during the last 3 months I really have no idea what I need to re-do. All I know is that the biggest problem is most likely on my frame template. Any suggestions?

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    See if 3dcart has an old backup on a server. You might have to pay to get that restored.
    Also, see if a cached version of your site is out there. Google this "cached versions of websites", and see if any of these sites has an old version of your site. Look at the page source for changes.

    You can use Download Beyond Compare to compare and merge the old and new versions.


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      I had this issue a while back, but I noticed that after you restore one of your previous templates, If you copy and paste the same template you are restoring in the same screen and then save it will show that template.. Its redundant, but it did work.
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