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Some notes and a few questions

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  • Some notes and a few questions

    1. When items are placed in cart, are they immediately removed from inventory? I believe they are, but would like confirmation. In this same vein, if a customer hits "Clear Cart" are items returned to inventory?

    2. If an order is not completed and then deleted are items returned to inventory?

    3. If I choose/Buy an item from a Search Results or Browse page I am taken to the View Cart page. If I click on Continue Shopping I am directed to a page with the individual item listing for the last item I chose rather than back to the page from which I was shopping. Is this a default action. Can I return to the originating Search Results/Browse page? Otherwise, I have to click back through the Item listing and View Cart or redo my Search or Browse request.

    I also find that if I click Update Cart from a search results page, I am jumped from that page to the Home page.

    4. PayPal. In processing an order through PayPal Standard the Address2 field is not passed to PayPay. As a result, addtional address info in this field is missing, ie apartment number, suite number, etc.

    I will appreciate any aid answering or explaining whatever it is I am missing.

    Thanks for the help.

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    In regards to your number 4, I have noticed this as well. I am not sure what your question is. If it is, is there a way to change this...I sure would like to know this as well.