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Including data other than thumbnail and name for related products

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  • Including data other than thumbnail and name for related products

    Does anyone know if it is possible to include something in addition to the standard thumbnail and name in the related products section of the product template?

    What I would really like to do is include a small piece of data from the a custom field. So for example:
    • Widget has a related product of Cog
    • Cog has the phrase "Stainless Steel" in custom field 1
    • When viewing the product page for Widget you would see the words Stainless Steel with the thumbnail below that and the name below that

    I have tried it with no luck but perhaps I am doing something wrong. If I cannot pull a custom field (we should be able to do this) then what fields are available to pull? Can I pull a category or other info?

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    i'm not positive, but it would seem that if an additional option was available, it would be one of the options in the default template....if its not there, then they probably haven't coded it which is why its not working for you...


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      Gave up on this one. I did not find the tag available in any templates. Thanks for the suggestion though.


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        mueller - I have not looked at this - but is it possible to use any field from the corresponding file on any template.

        For example. In the search page I didn't want the wording for the BUY button to be ADD TO CART I wanted it to be VIEW DETAILS.

        If I went to Store Languages and changed the text there - it also changed the text in the products view from ADD TO CART to VIEW DETAILS. Not good.

        SO - I used the Store Languages page to add a new field and used the text VIEW DETAILS for the value of the field.

        Then I went into the search page and replaced the FIELD NAME for the add to cart button with my new field.

        My whole point is - I didn't have to do anything to the search.html file to get it to recognize my new field that I had added. So I'm thinking that you should be able to reference any field from a table that is already used in a template.

        I may have missed your point - you may be wanting something from a different table.

        Sorry this is so long - if it doesn't relate - sorry - if it doesn't make sense let me know.
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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          I think generally you are correct, but I am attempting to pull an "Extra Field" from a related product. After some testing I have a feeling I could pull most product fields and display them along side the related product image and name, but the Extra Fields don't fall into this category.

          I am a huge fan of the Extra Fields since they give a huge amount of flexibility to the product pages, but after using them I realize that they are very limited in their use. As in this thread they cannot be pulled for related products, they are not indexed by the 3DC site search, and I am sure there are other limiting factors. I applaud 3DC for adding this functionality, but I think the data should be treated the same as any other fields on the product pages. Just my $0.02.