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  • Adding video clips

    We have produced several short video tutorials that we want to place on our site, but would like to know how others have done it. Is it best to offer them in QuickTime or Flash? Or do you post them somewhere like YouTube and link to them? Would love to know what others have done, and what you would recommend NOT doing.

    Also, do our servers have Flash installed or is that something we would need to have done if we chose to go that route? Obviously, I've never posted any videos before and am learning! :)

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    Not sure about how to handle Quicktime, but I assume it would just be a file you put up then link to and perhaps have open in a new (possible resized) window.

    As for Flash, I think you would want to also just upload the Flash video to the server and then you would put the player in a page on your site. This is a bit more involved than just putting a file up but would allow the user to stay on your site and see the content within your framework. If you have Adobe Flash I am sure the documentation would give you enough to get going.

    Flash does not need to be "installed" on the server as it is client side, unless you get into progressive downloads and more complex delivery options like that, which would likely be overkill for you.


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      We ended up posting them on and linked to our web site--much faster and less hassle. Now I can't get rid of that pesky "Unsecure site" pop up. Is there any way to get rid of that???


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        if you are on the https side, evey image/video you post from an http addy will pop up as that. the best way to get rid of that is to host the file slocally.


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          I was afraid of that. Thanks!