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  • Manufacturer Search dropdown box

    I am using Layout 9 for my store. In that layout the manufacturer search shows all of the manufacturers on the left frame. Since I have over 800 - that won't work for me.

    Layout 8 has a dropdown box in the frame - this would work for me.

    I talked to support and they told me I could modify file frame.html in layout 9 by removing the comments from the FORM line in layout 9.

    I did that and removed the comments from the end form </FORM> also.

    This gives me a drop-down box but doesn't populate it.

    I tried a few more things but couldn't figure it out.

    I have programming experience - just not a lot of HTML. I would gladly pay support by the hour to walk me through it - rather than do it for me - since I want to learn the system as I go. That doesn't appear to be an option though.

    Has anyone here modified layout 9 to show the drop-down box for manufacturer search? If so could you work me through it?

    I would be glad to send you the code I have so far - it is pretty straight-forward and I think I'm just missing something small.

    If not - can anyone tell me if I copy the code exactly from layout 8 and replace the code in layout 9 - will that work?

    Thank you
    Cobweb Corner
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    In the past when I have run into this problem it is because I left out a form tag or something like that. Make sure you have the following tags opening and closing:
    <!--START: manufacturer_format-->

    Other than that I don't see anything that should keep this from working on the template you are trying to move it to.


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      Can you explain something to me. I have extensive database background - but hardly and web design background. So - I know enough to be very dangerous in something like 3dCart.

      Anyway I thought

      <!--Start: Frame_Manufacturer-->

      was a COMMENT? Because my trusty HTML book tells me that a hidden comment starts with <!- and ends with ->

      Is the file/field information actually stored in that line?

      Thank you - I know you're probably rolling your eyes at this - but if I can get a few basics answered it will really put me on the right track.

      Cobweb Corner
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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        Actually I am not rolling my eyes, I am not sure but from what I know about 3DC those "tags" that you will see with the Start and End in the seem to work with their platform to tell the system that a function is being invoked. I have had problems in the pas when these were not intact.

        This is not to say your book is wrong, but rather the comments are being used for a custom application and are stripped at the time the page is built and served so they don't make it down to the browser to render or ignore.

        Hope this helps.