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  • Code Help needed

    I am using layout 9 for my store. I am trying to change frame.html in layout 9 to work like frame.html in layout 8 - in that the manufacturer search is displayed as a dropdown box instead of a listing.

    I have modified the code and it doesn't work :(

    Not surprising as I don't have much web development experience - but I do have a lot of db design experience so I think I can catch on.

    Anyway here's my code - I haven't changed anything else in the file:

    	 <!--END: FRAME_CATEGORY-->
    <!-- Modified January 30, 20008 by Cekman - Cobweb Corner
    Change to display Manufacturer in drop-down box rather than listing
    Removed comments on line immediately following this line.
    Commented out first Start Manufacturer format block 
    and removed comments from second Manufacturer format block, and end form  line -->
    		<form name="mfg" id="mfg" method="post" action="search_groups.asp?">
    		<TABLE width="160" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0">
    	                <td class="menu-headers">[frame_manufacturer]</td>
    				<!--START: manufacturer_format-->
    <!--				<tr><td><a href="search_groups.asp?manf=[mfgid]" class="cat"><span class="icon">ยป</span>[manufacturer]</a></td></tr>
    				<!--END: manufacturer_format-->
    			<select name="manufacturer" onchange="this.form.submit();">
    				<option value=0 selected>Manufacturer</option>
    			<!--START: manufacturer_format-->
    				<option value=[mfgid]>[manufacturer]</option>
    			<!--END: manufacturer_format-->
    I'm using the assumption that <!-- and --> are comment tags.

    Just wondering if anyone sees something obvious like an open comment or html tag. (missing '>' for example) that I'm not seeing.

    This works in that it displays the dropdown box - but it does not populate the box, and the word 'Manufacturer' is displayed under the box.
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    I have restored the original code. Support told me all I needed to do to make this change was to 'uncomment' the </Form> line - but there was a lot more to it than that.

    I looked at the other layouts that have the functionality I want and they are a little different.

    I think I can just copy the code from one of the other layouts but it appears that must be done via FTP - as copy/paste doesn't seem to work in the template editor.

    If I want to make a change via FTP what should I do to revert back to my original if needed in template editor.

    Will the original version ALWAYS be there or does it go away after you get over 10 edits?
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      I would recommend accessing your site via FTP and then downloading EVERYTHING once. The before you make any edits copy this entire directory someplace safe.

      Now you can start editing in your favorite editor and if you want simply make a backup copy (e.g. frame_01.html, frame_02.html, etc.) before you make major edits. That way you can always go back to the last functioning version if need be. Once you have edited a file just upload and test away.

      Note: if you don't want to drive yourself crazy turn off caching on your site so you can actually see the updates. Just make sure to turn it back on when you are done doing design work.


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        I have used FTP to view my changes - and will do what you state about making a full copy.

        I've noticed that if I make even a very MINOR change to a template and then find a problem on my site - support will simply say "You modified this page - restore to defaults to correct the problem or we can have design quote you a price to fix it."

        This has been slightly annoying. But I figure I can always save my changes, restore the defaults, prove to them I didn't mess anything up, have them fix the problem, then redo my changes.

        I can understand their point of view though. It would be horrible to go through so many pieces of code from so many people and try to figure out if the customer messed something up or not.

        How have you handled this? I have so far found three actual bugs. Once I've proven it's a bug support has been excellent about fixing it. In fact support has been excellent overall. New customers must be a real challenge for them.

        Thanks again for the help.
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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          Same thing here, if I happen across an actual bug then they are great about fixing it. If it was something I did then they will not, makes perfect sense since many are attracted to 3DC because of the flexibility and customization which ultimately means there will be many user errors when experimenting. They couldn't possibly fix all of these at no cost. Simply having the original working source in a back allows me to compare and usually find my errors.