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  • I'm Live - for now anyway

    I just opened my store. It took less than two weeks to get up and going and I couldn't have done it without the great support from 3dCart.

    I didn't have any custom design work done - as I'm sure you'll notice.

    I have forwarded my new store URL to some of my best customers and have offered them a discount to help me test - so the store may get turned off again if there are major problems.

    Here's the new store url (if you go here and it's closed then you know I ran into some glitches)

    Here's my old store for comparison

    I'm leaving my old store up and running until I am sure things are working fine in the new store.

    Thanks for looking!

    Constructive comments are appreciated. Compliments even more so! ;)

    Carla Ekman
    Owner/Jewelry Designer/Sole employee
    Cobweb Corner
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    Congratulations! That's a big accomplishment to get things up and running so fast! It's great that you have such a good customer base already who I'm sure will be happy with many of the new features available with your new 3Dcart store.

    One quick question: Have you thought about having a logo professionally designed to debut with your new store? A logo will help to personalize your store apart from the generic 3Dcart templates. If you decide to consider this and need a recommendation, let me know. I know of a great company that charges around $150 and does great work. (I have no affiliation with them and don't receive anything from this company.)

    Best wishes for even bigger success with your new store!


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      Nice job getting it live in 2 weeks! That's unheard of.

      I'm still struggling with details and its been almost 10 months!