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    Hey guys, another day another question.

    On the old non html5 template, I liked how the arrows on the carousel stayed on the image, and it had the dots below as additional navigation. I believe that was the NIVO slider.

    Now that I am on an HTML5 template its using flexslider, and the arrows aren't static on the image, nor does it have the dots below for additional navigation.

    Is anyone familiar with editing flexslider, and have any idea how to incorporate those things in to it?

    So far I have found the flexslider.css file in the common folder, and made some edits and uploaded it to my themes CSS folder but have seen no difference. Am I doing something wrong there? I also found the snippet of coding for the home.html page. Am I editing the correct thing? Can I just take a common folder file and put it in my theme (child) folder and it will overwrite it?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!