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  • Home Page Slider Carousel

    Is anyone using this feature? If so, can you show me an example how it will look on a site? Are you able to customize exactly where you want it on the page?

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    we are using it on our sites, I havent really played with the settings or anything. I actually just loaded the banners up during testing and have not had time to teak them or change them. I may do some real banners this weekend.


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      Thanks! Very nice!

      Does anyone know if there is a way to change to location of the carousel on the homepage? I have some text at the top of my home page, and I'd like the image carousel to sit UNDERNEATH the text. When I tested it, it automatically goes OVER the text.


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        hit up Shaun, TheCartDesigner on here, he can probably fix you up or handle any design changes you need for a really really good price, and he does great work and worth every dime you spend with him!

        I suggest putting a few hours on retainer with him and shooting him an email when you need simple changes done, it is so worth it to not get a headache over it!