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  • Alternative to 3DZoom?

    I am using one of the new responsive templates (decornation-html5) and the only option for product image zooming is 3DZoom which in my opinion is not very elegant (wasn't Magic Zoom available before?). It gets the job done but between the lack of sophisticated styling (no borders, titles, number of images, etc.) and the annoying "boinking" of the pop-up, it just doesn't work for me.

    Is it possible to install some third-party JQuery like Magic Zoom or Shadowbox in place of 3DZoom? If so, how do I go about it? I can get around using HTML / CSS but anything else is outside my wheelhouse? Suggestions? Thanks

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    3dzoom is the only option but actually, it's something called magic zoom plus. If you go to this link, you'll see the parameters that can be altered.

    The links won't work because 3dcart didn't store the rest of the html helper files in the common folder. Here's Magic Zoom plus website

    On your listing template, these options are found in an area that looks something like the following. You can alter the parameters after the word "else."
    var sWidth = document.body.clientWidth;
    if (sWidth < 767) {
    //mobile only
    MagicZoomPlus.options = {
    'disable-zoom': true,
    'disable-expand': true,
    'hint': false
    else {
    MagicZoomPlus.options = {
    'zoom-fade': true,
    'fit-zoom-window': false,
    'hint': false
    I've never messed around with this so I don't have any expertise beyond what I've mentioned here. If you play around with it, I'd appreciate your PM-ing me with your site. I'd be interested in seeing what you end up with.
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      It's definitely possible to install a third party jquery zoom plugin, but a "how do I do that?" is too broad of a question to answer here. It's mostly a matter of modifying your template, including the plugin, and using it as per the plugin instructions.

      However I just customized the Magic Zoom Plus as bzeltzer mentioned.


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        Has anyone else tried making this modification? I'm looking for an alternative, too. I can't stand the "boing" effect, either ( :-P ), and can't believe there are no settings or options for this feature.