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  • Responsive design home page

    Has any figured out how to put html on the home page without corruption when the screen goes vertical in an RD theme?

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    The entire homepage is html so I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Also, if you could explain what you mean by "corruption," I might be able to suggest something. You definitely would need a media query in your responsive css file that has rules for screen sizes of 767px widths or below and use css classes in your html that have rules within that media query. My site is a responsive design and I don't have any problems with tablet portrait display on the homepage or other pages. If you're doing inline styling, rather than relying on CSS you'll definitely have display issues with responsive design.


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      To be clear were talking responsive design - As an example if you use the homepage carousel the 720 pixel wide image will change shape and will always appear in horizontal or vertical mode. If you put a 720 wide pixel image in place of the homepage carousel when you go to vertical mode the image vanishes - the same holds true for a table if I wanted to build cells with live links

      If I add three 720 wide images on the homepage when I go to vertical portions of the images show up behind the featured products


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        Hey Mitch,

        you should just be able to put the images in settings-->design-->titles & content: home. If things are disappearing or falling under things like featured items it means that you either have the incorrect css to support the area or you have a open/missing/unclosed div. I will send you an email.
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          I'm finding there's no single question or solution as the screen is now so dynamic here's a 150x150 thumb that gets blown up upon vertical collapse - thoughts?