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Item Editing - First, Next, Last buttons missing

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  • Item Editing - First, Next, Last buttons missing

    Since the upgrade to Admin 6.6, the buttons to move from one record to another (First, Next, Last etc) have disappeared when in a record and editing it manually.

    Please could you reinstate.


    Sue Miller
    Fabric Garden

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    Originally I had noticed they were gone too, but I just checked this morning and they are there again.


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      If you "search" for products, then the buttons are there. If you "browse" your products, they are not. I don't know that anyone has been working on it, but I'm glad to see someone else cares.
      Webmaster: Texas Media Systems


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        TMS Clint - thanks - I just checked they are back! Thanks 3dcart.
        Fabric Garden


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          I inquired of this yesterday and the response I received today was with the latest update prev/next is now limited to the first 40 records. Well I hope more 3Dcart customers are like us and need more than 40. On Mondays we can avg 90 plus orders and to have to go in and out of every order after 40 is downright insane and not beneficial to the business with time consumption. As in the email the update was told to me to increase performance. I don't know whose performance it is to increase when I the client is having to do more work. Also if you go to the Customers Tab to look through a specific order there the prev/next buttons are completely gone. You can not toggle between customers previous orders.

          I hope 3D Cart rethinks this and reinstates them asap. Would love to hear from anyone else who this decision is affecting the time for your business too.



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            Well I love the fact that now when I am adding products if I go last and it is on the next page - I don't have the ability to go Previous to edit the LAST record.
            Fabric Garden


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              I am extremely upset that the previous and next buttons are missing. I have to edit every single item on my website (options can't be imported/exported). I have over 4500 products. That means that when I get to product 40, the next button is gone. So, now I have to search for each product individually, by name. I have to start over -
              Search for product 41. Edit it. Return to Search.
              Search for product 42. Edit and Save. No next button. Return to Search.
              Search for product 43. Edit it. Save. No next button. Return to Search.
              Search for product 44. Edit it. Save. No next button

              I will need to do this at least 4000 times.

              Please, please put the next button on all products. If this cannot be done, I will move my stores and leave.
              Last edited by Davef; 05-31-2015, 01:03 PM.


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                For what it's worth -- I ran into this as well using the "standard" admin panel, but this restriction seems to have been lifted using the new beta admin.
                Joe Arbogast


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                  It is worth a great deal. Thank you. I hope you're right. Here's what Support says:

                  "I spoke with our developers and they have advised me that the prev/next button has been limited to the first 50 products in your shopping cart. This has been done for site optimization purposes. I apologize for any inconvenience. In regards to exporting and importing your products, this feature has always been around. As previously mention, this method is a lot quicker and is more efficient for making changes to multiple products."

                  I stressed that prev/next link was needed to edit OPTIONS (not modify products or fields). Specifically, I want to edit the field length restrictions (options/additional information)
                  . They don't know what options are or how they are used.