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category name vs catagory title

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  • category name vs catagory title

    while modifying some category titles for seo purposes, i noticed that the system is only using the page title, not the category name.

    for example, if i have a category called "red items", i want a page title that is more specific, like "red items for use on specific other item" I DO NOT want them to be the same wording

    in the category_0.html and category_1.html templates, the [TITLE] fieldname is used. so if i change the title to be more friendly - it causes the long page title to replace the short category name throughout the page!

    i read

    it says there are other fieldnames:
    categoryiconimage (must be the src attribute of the IMG tag)

    however i cannot get [categoryname] or [categorydescription] to work???

    i can't find any other post on this...has no one else had this problem? this is a VERY important utility for SEO.
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    It used to be [category_name], but we're updating our tags to be more consistent so please do not refer to that one.

    The correct one is [categoryname] and all new sites will have this already set up. If any previous customer needs this then we can just adjust it.

    I guess you can say that [categoryname] is the correct tag but you had to contact us to make sure that it was enabled.
    from support