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anyone having secure page issues?

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  • anyone having secure page issues?

    I am trying to track down a loss in revenue, conversions, and traffic with our site since the start of may. We are now down 75-90% of our normal orders and sales. Its killing us. Today I came across a similar complaint from another person in our industry and he said some of the issue was caused by the check out having non secure issues. So i ran a check and sure enough we are throwing warnings in firefox and chrome. I spoke with tech support they claimed the issue is only in safari, but I sent screen shots of the test I ran as well as the errors in chrome itself.

    here is a screen shot of the errors being reported by nopadlock. I have no clue what those mean so i am trying to track down the source and get it fixed. The other person who had this issue is not on 3dcart, but said part of the issue was Olark code, I have olark on our site currently, but am about to remove it because its about when i added it that we started the slide downhill.

    here is the link

    any help would be appreciated!!!

    Thank you


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    Originally posted by ForcedFabllc View Post
    Today I came across a similar complaint from another person in our industry and he said some of the issue was caused by the check out having non secure issues.
    Just a clarification. I am assuming this other person is also using 3DC?


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      It could be the errors in your javascript that's causing issues during checkout (looks like it's referencing javascript that's not found within the https area), but it also could be Google's huge algorithm change that happened on April 21 and just took some time to propagate through to your store. The timing of both make them both possible culprits. If you're referencing a javascript file, be sure the URL for that file begins with https, not http.


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        You posted this thread and then left us for dead. :) What happened? Did you resolve this issue? If so, how?
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          still waiting to hear from support. I had two tickets opened yesterday and no response on either today. I was super busy today so i did not have time to even sit at my office PC while i was in the shop. I am about to hit up support and Shaun at Thecartdesigner right now and have him work on a few things and probably fix it lol.


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            One thing to note. cannot access the checkout page because there are no items in the cart. To access the checkout page you have to have an item in your cart, then go to checkout.
            The error they are showing is in the "error message page" that says you have no items in your cart. This should not be affecting the security of your checkout page.

            We found this security error a couple of weeks back, and 3dcart was able to duplicate it and they fixed it for us.


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              Hey Jon, Not sure if you got my email... I have been in and out of town like crazy.. In regards to the error shown in the attachment, elightbox is absolutely correct. Nopadlock cannot access the checkout pages and the secure issues you are seeing in that attachment are from the error messages since nopadlock can't add anything to the cart to access the checkout pages.

              With that said.... Your V2 checkout is throwing security issues, but your V1 is not... Since your V2 is unmodified and there are no files being called in a non-secure fashion within the V2 file, notify support and in the mean time switch to V1 until V2 is being evaluated.

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                Here is the reply from Support about the Security issue on the "Cart Empty" error-message:
                Our developers have looked into this issue and this should now be corrected on your site (see:
       This change will be applied globally on all stores in version 6.8


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                  I've got the same error with msg 49. Just put in my ticket. Sales are horrible for me right now. I need all the help I can get. =(


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                    Did you all get a resolution. 10 people a day are hitting msg=49 (you have no items in your cart) and we even have Mouseflow videos to show it.