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  • Switching Templates

    I have a responsive template - is there a problem switching to see if I like another one better? Will switching cause lost products or anything?

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    I haven't noticed any problems when I'm bipping back and forth between templates, but I haven't done it since the last update to the platform so I'm not sure if today will be the same, but in the past, I've not had any issues changing between templates


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      When switching templates. Some may have a pop up box to let you know that the left/right column will be hidden, and tells you where to unhide them if you wish. Even when i have tried to UNHIDE the column, it wont.


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        Choice Checks I'm pretty sure that not every template has sidebars built into them -- and "showing" a sidebar in a theme that doesn't have a sidebar coded into it just won't do anything.

        Regarding switching between HTML 5 templates: It's not going to change your database or anything, so you aren't going to lose products/categories/etc. However, if you have made edits to your default.css file, those won't carry over to your new template.