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Product Thumbnail sizing - need them bigger

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  • Product Thumbnail sizing - need them bigger

    I really don't know where to start....

    I NEED the product thumbs to be much larger - default is something like 150X150 - I changed settings to 300X300, resized (batch) images - even tested by uploading new (larger) images - and nothing works.

    I then went to different browsers and all images are even smaller - including main - and zoom isn't even working. This is in IE and Firefox.

    And checking mobile (phone) - the images are not only tiny but there is no zoom and can't even pinch(slide) larger.

    I guess I need the whole entire SPACE (not yelling) of the product listings to be larger in the first place, right?? Or is the product space restricted so that's why thumbs won't get bigger?

    Can someone tell me if this is a larger issue with 3dcart or just responsible theme?

    Or give me any guidance? Of at least where to start to fix the problem OR whether there is no fix and not to waste my time trying to figure it out?? :///

    ETA: The SPACE for the product listings/thumbs is way larger than the pics - the text/titles of each listing is wider than the thumb pics - so there is space there at least width wise that I can visibly see.
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      Looks like it has to do with the absolute positioning and max width on element ".product-item .img img" in your layout.css file. I'm not sure why the images would be absolutely positioned, so I don't know if I'd go removing that all willy nilly, but once you remove that positioning the images are huge. I use Firefox Developer Edition to figure out issues like this and I highly recommend downloading it. It's free. Also, you won't be able to make any changes in your layout.css file, but you can overwrite it from your default css file.