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working on adding a bit of trust to our site.

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  • working on adding a bit of trust to our site.

    I am working on trying to get our conversions back up. We have lost nearly all sales. So I am adding a few things around the site. Tonight I worked on our checkout page. Let me know what you think! I am not sure I like it, but I just had a really picky employee come through the office and he was like No I actually really like that and he is normally a nope that sucks its to big, or it looks to generic. So I wanted a few other opinions on it. here is a screen capture



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    who knows what file holds the access to the red title One Page Checkout. I want to eliminate that text on the check out page.


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      Personally, I like it. It's bold enough to catch the customer's attention while not being "in your face". Nicely done!


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        The template is : checkout-singlepage-v2.html
        However run a search first in Store Language. Some things come from Store Language, and others are hard coded in.
        I like your graphic. However I read at one time, that the more you talk about security, the more you'll scare people off. No win, I know!


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          Just an FYI... your category "Safety Equipment" is misspelled on the left nav, also on the actual Safety Equipment page, as well as the meta tag page title info.


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            fixed the misspelling.

            We just are not getting any conversions. We did lose abotu 50% of our traffic after coming to 3dcart, but we have lost 90% of our sales. IT does not make sense to be not closing even half the sales that we used to. Our top sellers dont even sell now even if we get a few hundred visitors a week on each them.


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              Thank you! That was where it was hiding! I took it out and it looks how I want it.

              I actually did a ton of reading about the security stuff and most say that its good to have on the check out page, and better to have it boxed with the CC info. Now if you have it all over your site on your main pages it probably is a bit much, but i think a banner up there will be one last reassurance. we shall see. I have little to no conversions so maybe ill actually make more then one sale every 7-10 days...

              Do you happen to know what controls the sub text size? Our font size is so small we need to enlarge it and bold it. like seen here


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                Looks great! I like it!

                Few great links I've picked up over time regarding checkout page ideas and general page optimizations:


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                  ForcedFabllc To determine which CSS is controlling whatever element, simply right-click the element on your page --> Inspect Element (on Chrome) / Inspect Element (Q) (on FireFox).

                  Then look in the Dev Console that's now open and hover your mouse of the HTML lines. You will notice areas in your main page highlight. After you've found the correction section, click it once in the Dev Console (directly on the HTML). Now look to the right-hand side and you will see the CSS being applied to that element. It will tell you the name of the CSS file it came from (default_something....css being the editable 3dCart ones, layout.css being not editable but you can override by including the same CSS class in your default_.....css file).

                  You can even adjust the CSS in this right-hand window and the live page view will adjust accordingly. This helps you test things before making the actual changes in your CSS files.