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link to next product from the detail of a product?

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  • link to next product from the detail of a product?

    I'd like to let the customer click a link to the next product in the same category FROM THE DETAIL PAGE of a product. So, rather than click back to the category level, I want a dynamic link to load the detail page (listing) of the next product in the database in the same category.


    If yes, what's the code?

    Answers or ideas on how to do this greatly appreciated!

    thanks in advance... :)

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    The code seems to exist in the 3DC Admin. If you go to view a product in the admin there are Next and Previous links in the top right. Although without access to the actual code that generates these links I don't think you can do it.

    Perhaps 3DC would provide you with the code they are using in the admin for this function. If so, could you post it back here for future reference?


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      <div align=right class="font2">
      <!--START: PREV_PROD-->
      <a href="[prevprodlink]"><img src="thumbnail.asp?file=[prevprodthumb]&amp;maxy=0&amp;maxx=30" alt="[prevprodname]" width="30" border="0" title="[prevprodname]"></a>
      <!--END: PREV_PROD-->
      <!--START: NEXT_PROD-->
      <a href="[nextprodlink]"><img src="thumbnail.asp?file=[nextprodthumb]&amp;maxy=0&amp;maxx=30" title="[nextprodname]" alt="[nextprodname]" width="30"  border="0"></a>
      <!--END: NEXT_PROD-->
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        where would this code get added?


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          Anywhere on the listing template.
          Gonzalo Gil
          3dCart Support
          800-828-6650 x111


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            &quot;Next&quot; vs. images?

            I added the image links on the product page and it's a pretty neat - only some of my images are larger than others. I'm assuming it's pulling from the thumbnail image in the File Manager...and since I did batch resizing - I'm not entirely sure why they are different heights - can anyone help?

            Also if you wanted to add just a "next" on the page (versus dynamic images and no text) - what would I need to remove?


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              Default sorting on code?

              I noticed that the dynamic link is not showing the products in the default would this be coded in image (the actual photos) and also the text version if I decide to go with this one.
              Thanks again,


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                Does anyone have any thoughts on what I need to do to this dynamic image code for prior/next pages, so that it goes in order of my default sorting (or for that matter, changes to sort in whatever format the customer chooses)?

                I'd like to really utilize this code on the product detail pages - but not when everything is out of order when compared to the general product page thumbnails.


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                  I tried this, and replaced the thumbnails with forward and backward arrows. for some reason this interferes with adding items to cart. Anyone have any idea why? I took it down for now, but would love to use this option. Also, if anyone can help me with some other cusotmization issues on the listing page please pm me. Thanks!

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                    I've had a support ticket on this - but haven't heard back yet - once I learn anything, I'll pass it along :)


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                      Also, if anyone can help me with some other cusotmization issues on the listing page please pm me.
                      What type of customization issues are you looking for help on?


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                        If anyone has any additional thoughts on this one - let me know. I've had an open ticket but still haven't heard back...I'd like to get this functional on my product listing pages.

                        I originally used the code that Gonzo posted...when the code was in there - it sorted properly as long as you chose an option from the drop down menu for product sorting (the one the customers can manually change - upper right side). So in other words, if a customer came from the left menu bar (by product category/price, etc.), the thumbnails of the dynamic links were not in default sort order (they were all mixed up). I would like to have this option for my customers in text dynamic link form (if it sorts correctly from both areas - the left bar & drop down). Does anyone have any thoughts on what I might try code wise?


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                          Have you tried setting a default (forced) sort order so that when the page first loads from a link on the left the products are sorted by something (date, name, etc.)?


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                            I have a general default set for everything (priced low to high) - or do you mean some other type of forced code?:confused:


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                              Have you tried setting the sort of one of these pages to default to sort by Name (or whatever you want it to sort by) and tested it?

                              I did have a problem with sorting not working a while back and I forget what resolved it, although support was involved. I will try to dig up and notes on what did it for me.