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    Hello all. I'm looking for some help with getting my website to be correctly sized. As you can see from the picture below, the add to cart is not centered in the individual home specials. I'm looking to correct this. Do I need to modify the entire main frame to be larger or can I modify the home special frames. Any help would be great.


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    go to your CSS (default_modifiedf).
    Look for .btn
    find line: padding: 09px 14px

    Change the 14 to 4


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      Okay so this is a little late, but ...

      I would also add width:100% to the .btn class. You'll also want to change/add these to the .btn_over class.


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        I have another question about this theme that perhaps someone can help with. I believe at one time there were social media icons on the global footer. Now they are not there and the SEO Tools states that the current theme does not have the required HTML. I've used the knowledge base article to add the required CSS coding to the site, however I have no idea how to add the HTML coding so it shows up in the global footer. I tried the suggestion of going to setting->design->header&footer but I don't see that option in the new version of the editor. Can someone help?

        I would like them the icons to show up to the right of the "Terms and Conditions" column. Also if someone knows how to limit the space between the 4 links that would be great.


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          Global Footer can be found at content->header&footer. By adding the html for the social media to the global footer, the icons should show up to the right of the t&c area.

          Spacing between links can be altered by reducing the width of ul.frame-links.
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