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Category template pricing display help.

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  • Category template pricing display help.

    I recently redesigned my store based off of one of the new free 3D cart responsive templates.

    I am having an issue with the way the pricing is displayed on the category pages.

    I have the pricing set up so that it shows our price, MSRP, and Savings from our pricing vs the MSRP.

    Everything works fine if there is a difference in price from our price and the MSRP.

    The issue arises when our price and MSPR are the same. In that case the MSRP and Savings should be hidden from view, but that is not happening.

    What it shows is "Retail Price: [price2]" and "Your Savings: [savings]".

    You can see an example of it happening at the following link:

    Anyone have a solution to fix that issue?

    I would appreciate any help you can provide.

    Thank you.

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    MAEQD looks like you may have flagged the product as ON SALE and then used the Advanced Options for pricing levels. Have you done the same with Discounts (Tab) and setup discounts that match your pricing levels. The on sale flag probably only works for the first pricing level.
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      No, this has nothing to do with the on sale functionality. I am not using that on any of my products.

      This is simply getting the Retail Price and You Save to be removed from the category pricing when our price matches the Retail.

      I think it is going to be a code issue in the template not a issue with the product set up in the admin.


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        What fields are you using for MSRP and the price you actually sell at?
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          Here is the code being used on the category pages for the pricing.

          <div class="price">
                      <div class="cat-your-price-section"> 
                        <!--START: ITEMPRICE--> 
                        <span class="cat-yourprice">[product_yourprice]&nbsp;</span><span class="cat-itemprice">[ITEMPRICE]</span> 
                        <!--END: ITEMPRICE--> 
                      <!--START: SALEPRICE--> 
                      <del class="price2">[ITEMPRICE]&nbsp;</del> <span class="hidden">[product_onsale]&nbsp;</span>[ITEMSALEPRICE]
                      <div class="on-sale">[product_sale] </div>
                      <!--END: SALEPRICE-->
                      <div class="cat-retail-price-section"> 
                        <!--START: RETAILPRICE--> 
                        <span class="cat-retailprice">[product_retailprice]&nbsp;</span><span class="cat-price2">[price2]</span> 
                        <!--END: RETAILPRICE--> 
                      <div class="cat-savings-section"> 
                        <!--START: SAVINGS--> 
                        <span class="cat-product_savings">[product_savings] &nbsp;</span><span class="cat-savings">[savings]</span> 
                        <!--END: SAVINGS--> 


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            Mine has a class called "hidden" that I'm sure is un-hidden when the correct conditions are met. This was from an unedited area of a default HTML5 Template.

            HTML Code:
            <div class="price"><!--START: ITEMPRICE-->
                        <span class="hidden">[product_yourprice]&nbsp;</span>[ITEMPRICE]
                        <!--END: ITEMPRICE-->
                        <!--START: SALEPRICE-->
                        <del class="price2">[ITEMPRICE]&nbsp;</del>
                        <span class="hidden">[product_onsale]&nbsp;</span>[ITEMSALEPRICE]
                        <div class="on-sale">[product_sale]</div>
                        <!--END: SALEPRICE--></div>
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