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  • Change category width?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to change the category width? I've gone through various files but can't figure out where to change it.

    My categories are wrapping on the text and it makes if very difficult to read.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Are you talking about the Categories on the right side of the frame, the category listing page, or something else?


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      oh sorry I wasn't clear. The category column over on the left. You may need to visit my site to see

      See my different categories on the left, you'll see some of the items wrap just because of the length of the names. They can't be changed so I need to make the column bigger if possible.


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        You want to change the table width in frame.html.

        Under FRAME-CATEGORY, add 'width' info. So the code will look something like this:

        <!--START: FRAME_CATEGORY-->
        <table width="179" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="">
        <table width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1" class="frame">

        I use 179px, but you can adjust that to whatever you want. You'll also want to make the same change under the 'Browse by Price' and 'Mailing list' sections, assuming you want them to all be the same width.


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          Hmmm. Ok I tried this but it doesn't change the width and makes a big whitespace above the categories. Maybe I'm adding it to the wrong place?

          Am I suppose to be adding the above code or finding that code and changing it? I do see width numbers in there but I'm not sure which one to change. I see width "162" everywhere.


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            If you don't want to change your frame size I would suggest the following

            Change category Tea Towels and Hand Towels to: Tea/Hand Towels or Tea and Hand Towels.

            I would create a category called APRONS - then have sub categories like this

            The DashingDiva
            Jessie Steele
            Carolyn's Kitchen

            I guess in looking at it closer you would still have "Carolyn's Kitchen Gloves" - so this probably wouldn't work. I'll leave it as a suggestion anyway.

            Good luck
            C Ekman
            Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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              Make sure each table is also set to 100%.


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                Hmm still not working. It shifts everything down and does nothing to the width. do you think you can PM me your file so I can see the actual code?

                Cekman>>>>I would love to do it that way, it would make so much more sense but my customers can't find things when it's like that. Go figure!!?? ha ha


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                  No problem - you have to do what works for your customers. I thought there was a way to have all of the categories AND sub categories display all of the time???? That way, for example, they wouldn't have to click on Aprons to see the different kinds of Aprons - they would all be displayed - just indented??

                  I may be 'mis-remembering' :-)

                  Good luck
                  C Ekman
                  Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                    I was thinking the same thing but haven't found how to do that either. Anyone out there know how? I would like that even better. I think I've seen that on one of the clients sites...


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                      I think it is Settings>>General>>Store Settings--then go down to 3rd section, Store Display Features, then 3rd option, uncheck "Hide Sub Categories". I think that is what you want???


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                        oK!! I think you're on to something here can you please look for me?

                        I created a category called aprons, then 3 subcategories carolyn, jessie, thedashingdiva

                        then I went to that section you said...but hide sub categories wasn't selected HOWEVER "Show from selected Cat" was ticked. So I removed the check from it.

                        Now when I look at the the bottom of the category list it shows Aprons>>then all three subcategories expanded.

                        Do you guys see the same thing? I can make this work I think. Do you see them already expanded without having to click aprons first?


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                          Yep--I see them :)


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                            Awesome! Thanks for checking for me. Ok I'm turning them off now until I get time to set it up correctly. Thanks for your help on this....sometimes it takes someone else to find the lightbulb moment haha!


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                              Although you have to go into the code to change categories, etc, I've always found helpful for making menus. Lots of choices, and works well with 3D and FTP programs.