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Question about Category wide Options Templates

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  • Question about Category wide Options Templates

    Does anyone know - if you set up a category wide option template on an existing category that already has product in it with options templates if it will add the new 'category wide' option template to those products too? And if so, does it add it in addition to whatever is already there? Or does it replace whatever is already there?

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    Yes, when you add category options, they will be added to the products in that category (even if the products existed before you created the option). It won't replace the options, it will add to them. Note that if you are planning on using advanced options (ie. to control stock), this is not going to work well as advanced options only work with options within the product and not category options. If you are just adding options that don't affect stock, ie. "Would you like to Gift Wrap this item?" then that's fine...
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      And does it matter whether you 'copy options' or 'link to template' for the category-wide feature to work? I tried to make a category wide option template and chose 'link to template' and when I went into each product that was already in that category to check if the options template was there, it was not. Any idea why the options template that I added category wide didn't show up?

      Edit: Just went to front end of site, and I see that the options templates do show on the customer facing end, but I cannot see them on the back end to remove sizes/options that are sold out. So I guess my real question now is - Can you use category wide options templates with inventory that you need to have some inventory control over? It seems like the answer is no, but please let me know.
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