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Trouble with Responsive Mobile Theme

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  • Trouble with Responsive Mobile Theme

    I bought a custom responsive theme a few months ago, and it was an absolute nightmare - I strongly advice against using 3dcart's service. One single change counts as one of your three adjustments - anything else and they will try to charge you $500 for something a simple as adding a banner! Anyway, after so much back and forth with them we finally got our desktop view the way we liked and decided to just back off since we had so much trouble with them. But the mobile view is not good..the logo is HUGE, the carousel photos small, and the text far to large and long. I am wondering if anyone has any advice at least how to make the logo smaller and the carousel photos as wide as the screen, I am thinking about just getting rid of the text all together. Any help would be appreciated - you can see the site at

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    Hey Steffie,

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      Hello steffieprice

      I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you had with the design department. I've reached out to their supervisor and asked him to review your account and reach out to you to see if we can hopefully rectify any bad feelings about your experience.

      Thanks for bringing it to our attention!