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Flyout Menu in V4001-html5 template

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  • Flyout Menu in V4001-html5 template

    I'm using the v4001-html5 (responsive) template on version 7.2.3. I believe it is supposed to be a flyout menu where the subcategories show up when the mouse hovers over the main category but I can't get it to do this. My subcategories are showing up on the left side category menu or I have to open the category page to see them. Can someone tell me where I can fix this please?
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    Hey Kayanna
    This template not come with this option


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      To make this work you have to change some stuff from the frame


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        Thank you for the response and pointing me in the right direction lorenzo


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          you need to make this code and get the files of course

          <li class="sub-cat"><a href="view_category.asp?cat=CATID" class="subcat">CATEGORY </a></li>
          <!--END: SUB_CATEGORY_FORMAT-->
          <!--END: CATEGORIES_1-->
          <script type="text/javascript">
          var dd_menu = new Spry.Widget.MenuBar2("#dd_menu1", {
          widgetID: "dd_menu",
          widgetClass: "MenuBar MenuBarVertical dd_menuMenuBarVerticalFixedLeft",
          insertMenuBarBreak: true,
          mainMenuShowDelay: 100,
          mainMenuHideDelay: 200,
          subMenuShowDelay: 200,
          subMenuHideDelay: 200


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            If you need any help let me know


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              Kayanna lorenzo You should not use the 5+ year old spry menu script. This can be done with much simpler, cleaner, and lighter css that is also much easier to modify. If I were to do it, usually takes only about an hour worth of service time.

              The v4001-html5 is also the oldest of the html5 templates. If you have the option to, you may benefit by using one of the newer free 3dcart templates that are coded much better.
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                I need to change my template, I have the one you don't care for either and we've talked about it before Shaun but I just haven't had the time to try to figure out a new one to use or, which I'd prefer, get one of yours cause they're so dang nice