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VAT/Tax on shipping not included in shipping quotes

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  • VAT/Tax on shipping not included in shipping quotes

    I'm just setting up my first 3dcart store and the only real issue I have left is that the VAT on shipping (or whatever tax is applicable to your store) is not included in the shipping quote tool on the View Cart or Checkout pages. E.g. if a customer enters their country and shipping cost is £12 (£10 + 20% VAT) the shipping options just show "£10.00", but when they pay they are charged £12. Not only is this misleading to customers but it's actually illegal at least here in the UK, prices stated have to include VAT or at least show that they exclude VAT and what rate it will be charged at. I can add the text "+ VAT at 20%" to the end of the shipping quote HTML to make it legal, but this is still less than ideal and I don't expect my customers to have to get a calculator out to work out accurate shipping costs, especially when all other prices are displayed including VAT by default with the ex. VAT price in brackets e.g. "£12.00 (£10 ex. VAT)", it's pretty unprofessional.

    Support weren't very helpful, they just said that they don't consider the tax on shipping as part of the shipping cost but as a tax cost instead, so they only show it in the tax section, but this is nonsense as when a customer is requesting a shipping quote the prices shown need the be the prices they will pay. What really needs to happen is the shipping quote prices need adding to the VAT module so it automatically shows the price including and excluding VAT like it does all other prices on the store, but it seems this was either missed off by mistake or too difficult to implement when the VAT module was created.

    Has anyone come up with a way around this or does anyone know how I can take the [OPTION-PRICE] variable in the shipping quote code and multiply it by 20%? Ideally I want to show it as the rest of the store i.e. "£12.00 (£10 ex. VAT)" so the calc would be "[OPTION-PRICE]x1.2 (£[OPTION-PRICE] ex. VAT)" but I'm not sure how to go about it or if it is possible, I am fine with HTML but have very little experience with javascript which is presumably what I'd need to use.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    The attached image might make it clearer what the problem is
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      you need to configure your tax.....
      Go to setting/payment/tax manager


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        That's not the issue, I have done the entire tax setup process (at least as far as I can see) and the store is calculating and charging tax correctly, it just isn't showing that tax will be added to the quoted shipping price when a customer gets a shipping quote. So if an item is £12 it will show "£12.00 (£10 ex. VAT)" as the items price and charge the customer £12, which is great, but if a shipping price is £12 it'll only show "£10.00" and charge them £12. So the price charged by the store is correct but the price shown to the customer is wrong.


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          Did you check the box (( Inc. Shipping ))


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            Yeah that's ticked, initially I hadn't ticked it so it wasn't adding tax to the shipping costs at all, with that ticked it does add tax to the shipping but only in the final total, not in the shipping quotes so the customer doesn't see the correct price when choosing a shipping method.


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              Go here maybe can help you


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                I have the VAT module installed and working for the rest of the site, the real issue is that the shipping quote prices are not affected by the VAT module - that's what should happen, it should alter the shipping price the same as it does every other price on the site, but it doesn't and the answer from support was along the lines of "that's not how we've done it" so I'm looking for an alternative way (javascript or whatever) of manually coding it to add 20% to the shipping quote, if it's possible.