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select item in manufacturer drop down by typing first letter

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  • select item in manufacturer drop down by typing first letter

    My store was designed when 3dcart was working through some of the challenges of responsive design so I'm not sure if they added this functionality since. Does anyone know if there's any code to use for the drop down to allow automatic selection of a manufacturer based on the first letter typed? This is the code for my manufacturer dropdown
                      <div id="manu-area">
                            <div id="Brands_items">
                              <div>Browse By</div>
                                <div id="Show-Brands" class="filter"><div class="hov">Manufacturer</div></div>
                                <ul id="Brands-List" class="all-guides">
                                  <!--START: manufacturer_format-->
                                  <li><a href="search_groups.asp?manf=[mfgid]">[manufacturer]</a></li>
                                  <!--END: manufacturer_format-->

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    In most browsers you can click a dropdown to expand it, click it again to close it, and while it's still in focus, type a letter and the selection will jump to that letter. I think that's a browser thing...
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      Thanks for the input but it's not just a browser thing. There's a way to code your drop down so it listens for events such as key strokes. My drop down doesn't work that way using chrome or firefox and I looked at a few . I know that ajax can do this and I think it's become a standard practice but I'm not knowledgable enough to implement it. Just wondering if anyone's 3dcart drop down menus have this functionality.