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HTML5 Responsive Theme - Mobile Version Problems with Buttons and Sub-Categories

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  • HTML5 Responsive Theme - Mobile Version Problems with Buttons and Sub-Categories

    I have the Sweet Cookies responsive HTML5 theme installed for my site ( and I've made changes to some things in CSS that it looks like have caused some problems in the mobile version. The menu and view cart buttons in the mobile version look like a foreign language and any category with sub-categories isn't allowing the first selected sub-category to be selected at all.

    Any suggestions on what I need to change to correct these problems?

    Thank you in advance.

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    The buttons are trying to call icons via css that don't exist which is why you are getting empty css content gibberish rendering instead of an icon

    Find and remove these 2 rules in your default_modified.css:

    .mobile-trigger.m-cart::after {
    content: "";

    #mobile-menu-trigger::after {
    color: #733f01;
    content: "";
    font-family: Tahoma;

    Find this lines in your frame.html and change to in bold:

    <div id="mobile-menu-trigger"></div>
    -change to-
    <div id="mobile-menu-trigger"><i class="icon-menu"></i></div>

    <div id="m-cart" class="mobile-trigger m-cart" onclick="window.location.href='view_cart.asp';"></div>
    -change to-
    <div id="m-cart" class="mobile-trigger m-cart" onclick="window.location.href='view_cart.asp';"><i class="icon-basket"></i></div>

    Save, clear cache and refresh. Hopefully this gets you moving in the right direction
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      Thank you. I will make these changes and see how things look.