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Options...Actions/Info area question?

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  • Options...Actions/Info area question?

    Does anyone know if you can make the "Info" area a mouse over/pop up - versus having to click on the little help question mark for the text info box to pop up?

    This of course is done through Options area (there is an INFO button under Actions). I added additional information for some of my product options which is nice - but when a customer clicks on it, the info box opens up at the very top left hand side of the page, making them have to scroll down to options once they read the additional information and close the box. I'd like to have the info/text box open up when someone mouses over the question mark icon (additionally if anyone could tell me how to replace the question mark with a different icon or simply change the color that would be great - didn't know if I had to upload a new icon via FTP or not...).

    Template - Code - anyone done anything similar?

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    I played a bit in the listing_0.html template (option regular section) under all the options items...and was able to change the placement to middle so at least there is no scroll down, and also replaced onClick= to onMouseover= and its popping up fine without clicking.

    I'm still wondering if there's something I'm missing for placement - still would like the popup (whether it's by the click or mouse over) to open near the option help icon to the right...

    Also has anyone heard that one way is better than another (with regard to rankings, pop up blockers)? When I was testing with the onClick language, it popped up without any message from my pop-up blocker - but when I switched to using the onMouseover...the popup blocker blocked it. Any thoughts?