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Adding Products on New Phone Order Page

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  • Adding Products on New Phone Order Page

    There is a display issue with the new Phone Order Page -- using Chrome -- when adding products, you search for an item and products are displayed in a pop-up box, but you can only see the top 5 items -- if you have more than five and the one you are looking for is beyond the top 5 you can add it because you can't see it. I.e., if you have 10 products that are named LAF-TF, LAF-TF2, LAF-TF3, LAF-TFC, LAF-TFCN, LAF-TFM, and the item you want is the LAF-TF -- it's not in the top 5 so you can't add it. There needs to be a scroll bar in that pop-up box.
    Joe Arbogast

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    Additional issue, also with Chrome on the new order page - if the product you are selecting has options, you click customize, select your options and then add to cart (in the pop up box) and it won't add it to the order. It works fine on the legacy version, OR if you already have an item on the order, you can add more with options .