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Core theme - editing mobile view?

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  • Core theme - editing mobile view?

    We've recently switched to a core theme and I would like to make some basic changes to the mobile view of the site but can't find where I would do that. Which html file should I be looking at? Or is it in CSS? The mobile view shows all products in a single column and given that we have thousands of products it is a ton of scrolling. Even just going to two columns would make a huge difference, though I'm not sure if I'll like how that looks. Our manufacturer dropdown list does not appear in the mobile menu either, and I would like it to. The website is
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    Anybody have experience with this? I've tried searching for info and I'm not coming up with anything. I'm mainly concerned about the manufacturer list right now.


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      You can try the following. Not 100% positive this will work, but it should show the manufacturer dropdown in the mobile menu.

      Edit the frame.html and search for "mobile-menulinks" then add what I have in red.

      <nav id="mobile-menu" class="mobile-menu">
      <div class="mobile-menu-inner">
      <div class="mobile-menu-close">
      <a href="#"></a>
      <div class="mobile-menu-widget">
      <h3>Menu Links</h3>
      <div id="mobile-menulinks"></div>
      <div class="mobile-menu-widget">
      <div id="mobile-menulinks"><ul id="menulinks" class="nav navbar-nav">
      <form name="mfg" id="mfg" method="get" action="search_groups.asp">
      <div class="manf-select">
      <select name="manf" onchange="this.form.submit();" class="form-control">
      <option value="0" selected="selected">Manufacturer</option>
      <!--START: manufacturer_format-->
      <option value="[mfgid]">[manufacturer]</option>
      <!--END: manufacturer_format-->

      <div class="mobile-menu-widget">
      <div id="mobile-categories"></div>


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        Thank you Joe! That code is pretty much the same as what I added to the leftbar on the desktop version, but I could not figure out where to add it for mobile. It is displaying now but not populating the manufacturer list. When this happened with the leftbar it was because I had two frame_manufacturer sections, however in the frame.html file I only have the one I just added.


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          Also looking for where and how to have two columns of product on the mobile site. Home page and category pages.
          I've had a customer complain about scrolling too long to find anything on the mobile version of the store.
          I have the same questions as amandadej : Which html file should I be looking at? Or is it in CSS?
          If that is possible, please point me in the right direction.


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            Did this ever get resolved? Has anyone asked 3dCart to adjust the themes created by them? This user interface issue affects sales. Correcting this would be a step towards enabling 3dCart merchants to be more competitive with a better mobile shopping experience.
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              Just wanna join in here. I'm seeking similar goals. As of April 9th '19, your subcategories are displayed as a list instead of a drop down. Was that done by the above code in red? Also, it does not appear the two column issue was resolved. I, too, and interested in this.


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                The code in red did not work on Amanda's store for some reason. Worked on mine tho... Instead I had Amanda add the below code. Not a drop down, but it will create a clickable link that gets the customer to the manufacturer list.

                Should work fine if you have a CORE template. Not sure about html5

                <div class="mobile-menu-widget">
                <a href="/manufacturer_index.asp">Browse By Manufacturer</a>