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Responsive Design - products not always loading

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  • Responsive Design - products not always loading

    We switched to a core theme with responsive design last month and have had a small handful of customers complain that the site will not load products on their iPads. I have checked my laptop and iPad and have had zero issues on either, using the same browsers they are using as well. One person has told me they have the issue with their desktop as well. However if they change their window width it all pops up then from there it responds appropriately at any size, even the original width it was at. What would be causing it to hang up on the initial load? And is there something I can change in the code to make the responsive design more responsive? I have limited coding knowledge and have just been figuring it out as I go, but I haven't been able to find any existing info on this issue.
    Attached is what these customers are seeing. The top nav, sidebar, category header but no products. The website it
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    Looking at the CSS the only thing that stood out to me was this -

    @media(min-width: 768px) {
    .revealOnScroll {

    I wonder if having the products just load all at once, rather than reveal on scroll would solve the issue? I'm just not sure if I remove that code completely or change it to something? Since I don't have a device that has this issue I can't easily test changes.


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      I would contact support to look into this. I have heard that the burg template has had many issues.

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        Thank you, good to know! Luckily we haven't run in to anything else that has been problematic for us.


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          I have contacted support and was told that they can't replicate the issue and to clear browser cache. When I pressed about the issue being screen width and thinking there may be an issue in the theme code they told me I could "take a crack" at editing it...