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Website Redesign to core engine - Your Experience?

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  • Website Redesign to core engine - Your Experience?

    I'm curious about your experiences as they relate to the merits of going with 3dcart or an outside developer for a complete website redesign to use the core engine. It used to be the case that templates weren't great for SEO so I've always gone with custom design by 3dcart. I used to be reticent about going with outside developers because 3dcart updates pretty regularly broke things and I wanted them to be responsible for the fixes. It seems like all around things are a lot better these days with 3dcart but my 2014 redesign with them when they first started with html5 was the most stressful professional experience I've had in the last 25 years. Quality control, deadlines and the expertise of both the project manager and developer were problematic. I had to spend over 80 hours of my own time and take a few years off of my life to get to a solution that wouldn't tank my SEO and conversion rate. Like I said, it seems like things are better with 3dcart and there are more 3rd party developers these days so I'd appreciate if someone could share your experience or suggestions based on recent design projects.
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    We went through the same experience as you. 3dcart did fantastic work for us in the past, but when we had the html5 redesign done it was a disaster. I have no idea if it has improved. The best thing to do would be to ask them for some examples of recent work they've done and check it out for yourself. Same with a third party of course.

    As for the core engine, last year we were told that they were working on a newer version based off Bootstrap 4 and with the latest version of Jquery. I saw a few sites running that, but I have no idea if it is ready to go yet or not.


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      We recently built a website base on the core templates. It is by far the best templates that 3dcart has generated and works very well for SEO and structured data.

      3dcart is using Bootstrap v3.3.7 and not v4. I have asked about when they plan to move to v4 but was given an answer that they do not know. I would like to use Flexbox which is in v4.

      Bootstrap works very well for creating responsive content which was a key for us.

      I have found several small bugs (many of them I have mentioned in these forums) with the core templates and reported them to the developers. It seems like the core templates were not beta tested by actual users (just developers) because it seems like these small bugs should have been reported and fixed. Most of the fixes you can do yourself if you know a little css and javascript.

      I hope that helps. If you have specific questions, please let me know.


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        Thanks. That's helpful.


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          You should check on the status of v3 with 3dcart first. Bootstrap 3 has been out of support for a while and 3.3.7 has some minor vulnerabilities, However they did release new versions in December and last month to fix the vulnerabilities - 3.4.0 and 3.4.1. If you don't want to wait for v4 to be available check and make sure you are on at least 3.4 or 3.4.1. I'm sure 3dcart released updates to fix the vulnerabilities already, although they may not be reflected in the version number as these patches were out of band (as I understand it) or may have been on the back end. Personally though I would still wait, those updates were only because they were security updates. v3 is end of life and you'll have to move again to v4 at some point.v4 is a HUGE improvement.


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            Thanks. I'll check with them to see where they're at with that. I do wish that they were on the current version of bootstrap. If anyone's used an outside developer for a 3dcart bootstrap site design, I'd be very interested in a hearing about it.