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  • Minimum quantity

    I changed my store from an HTML5 theme to a Core theme. In my old site I had edited the listing_0.html file to display the minimum quantity by changing:
    name="qty-0" value="1" TO
    name="qty-0" value="[minimumorder]"

    This doesn't work in the new template. When I change the value to "[minimumorder]" it just changes the number in the qty box from 1 to 0. Can anyone tell me the correct way to display the minimum quantity in the qty input field?

    Thank you,

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    You'll probably need to have 3dCart customize your store to allow that variable on the core theme.


    Another option is put the minimum order quantity in say extra_field_5 (Or any extra field that is open), then put the variable [extra_field_5] in the value attribute.


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      I just don't understand why that variable doesn't work when inserted into value=" "
      The data is output when exporting the products.csv file. So it's mapped somewhere, right?


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        Thinking about changing to a core theme, does anyone know if this is still an issue? Are there any other variables known not to work on core themes?