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How to change the functionality of "Availability:" in product listings

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  • How to change the functionality of "Availability:" in product listings

    Can someone please direct me to where I can change the functionality of the "Availability" option for each product? I highlighted what I'm referring to in the screen shot below. Some of my products are manufactured for each order and are therefore always in stock, so my goal is for these products to either always show available or to remove the "Availability" string entirely. The problem is I can't seem to find the right file to edit. I downloaded everything I could from the server, and the string "Availability:" appears in 2 files:


    These files are identical. I tried editing the file and placing the modified copy into both the \common_core\ directory mentioned above, and my theme folder (/web/assets/templates/burg-core/) but in both cases the modified file is not used and my changes do not appear. I do not have permissions to write to the \common-html5\ directory. Can someone please point me in the right direction?


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    This is located in the listing_0.html file in the CORE directory. In the listing_0.html look for the variable [product_Header-availability] and this is what spits out "Availability:". This text can be changed in Settings>Design>Store Language. You could also just disable the inventory control under Settings>General>Store Settings>General>Inventory Control.


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      Thank you very much!