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Files continually reverted!?

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  • Files continually reverted!?

    Can anyone tell me why my customized files keep being reverted back to default contents on the 3dcart server, and tell me how to make them stick? I've modified the following files on my site, and twice now they have been reverted back to the defaults on the 3dcart server, and I had to re-upload my changes.


    I also modified web\assets\templates\common-core\view_cart.html, but those changes stick and that file is not reverted like the others are.
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    The way 3dcart works is that you need to make edits in your own template folder. The common folder is always overwritten when 3dcart makes updates but files in your template folder will always override files with the same name from the common folder. Here are a few helpful articles:
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      Thanks for the reply. I tried that and it wan't working, but after looking closer it's the listing.js file which is not being picked up from the template directory (burg-core in my case). Do we need to do something different with .js files?

      Edit --> Stupid error.. I neglected to update my .html files to reference the new location for the js file. I assumed it worked the same as the html files and automatically picked up the modified files.

      Thanks for the help!
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