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Setting up Taxes for Canada

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  • Setting up Taxes for Canada

    Hi, I'm currently working on my website and having troubles in setting up the taxes for Canada. As some of you may know, we have three kinds of taxes here (GST, HST, PST). I know there is a tailored way of setting this up but instead of showing the amounts on EACH type of tax paid, it shows the TOTAL taxes amount on a single line upon checkout and even on the invoices.

    Has anyone found a way on how the taxes could be shown on separate lines upon checkout? Any help is appreciated. this is my only issue before i go live. Thanks.

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    Looking at they do show three variables for taxes... [shoppingcart_taxes] [tax] , [shoppingcart_taxes2] [tax2] , [shoppingcart_taxes3] [tax3]. Perhaps you can try adding these to the pages you need.


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      JoeBTI Thanks. I have tried that but It still combines the total taxes on line 1 and shows up nothing on Line 2. I may be doing something wrong. Can you help? Thanks


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        Did a quick test and the tax 2 & 3 variables will not work on the checkout page. However, they do work on the invoice print and the order-view in the customers account.


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          JoeBTI thank you! then I think I'm good now. As long as it prints our correctly on invoices then that will work. Thank you so much!