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possible to reference product extra fields on invoice?

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  • possible to reference product extra fields on invoice?

    I'm editing invoice_print.html

    We want to have a unit of measure shown on the invoice. But, 3DCart doesn't even have a field for that currently. So, I've stored that data in product_extrafield_13.

    Now, the tricky part: can I reference that field on the invoice? I've tried just referencing [extra_field_13] --that's the name of the field on the CSV export; but, no dice. Any ideas?

    To be clear, currently the invoice header/data looks like this:

    ItemID, Description and Options, Price, Qty, Total

    We'd like:
    ItemID, Descritpion and Options, Price, Unit of measure, Qty, Total

    It would be absolutely ok with me if we could just add it in with the Price column so that the header alignment didn't have to be rewritten. For example, currently the line of html that pulls price is:
    <div class="invoice-price">[unitprice]</div>
    but, it would be fine if I could get this to work:
    <div class="invoice-price">[unitprice]&nbsp;[extra_field_13]</div>
    but, that's not working--maybe the wrong field name? or maybe I need another trick to get product to pass the variable to invoice??? any ideas?

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    I figured *something* out. Apparently we can only reference extra_field_1 - extra_field_10
    So, i have it working, just had to move all my UOM data a few fields over.
    Also had to comment out extra_field_10 from my listing templates so the data doesn't show on the product pages.


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      Hi, I'm not sure if this would help much, but we were able to add checkout questions in the emails using code from 3dcart:
      HTML Code:
      <!--START: checkoutquestions_block-->Checkout Questions
      <!--START: checkoutquestions1-->
      <!--START: question1-->
      [question]:  [answer] 
      <!--END: question1-->
      <!--END: checkoutquestions1--> 
      <!--START: checkoutquestions2-->
      <!--START: question2-->
      [question]:  [answer] 
      <!--END: question2-->
      <!--END: checkoutquestions2--> 
      <!--START: checkoutquestions3-->
      <!--START: question3-->
      [question]:  [answer] 
      <!--END: question3-->
      <!--END: checkoutquestions3-->
      <!--START: checkoutquestions8-->
      <!--START: question8-->
      [question]:  [answer] 
      <!--END: question8-->
      <!--END: checkoutquestions8--> <!--END: checkoutquestions_block-->
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