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Paintedcolors-core template problems

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  • Paintedcolors-core template problems

    I am using the Paintedcolors-core template and there are a few problems with the template. I sent in a ticket to support but have not heard back from them. Who should I contact to see if they can fix these problems?
    One problem I have is on the product detail page the left fly-out menu is hidden behind the product image.
    In quick view there is a box to input a quantity but nothing shows if you type a number.
    The social media links show even thought I don't have anything set up for them to link too. So if clicked you get a 404 page not found. Except on the check out page, only the Facebook icon shows as it should.
    I also tried the recently view items app and it didn't work at all on the category page. I had to turn it off.

    I know it's a free template, but I would think it should work. I am just hoping I can get these things fix so I don't have to pay someone to do it.
    Here is a link to the store.


    UPDATE: I just received notice that the issues with the template have been fixed.
    Any input on the site will be appreciated.
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    Kay Speranza
    Dish Girl LLC
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    Kay - I had the same issue with menu being behind images (Juicelife template) -- opened a ticket and they fixed it pretty quickly.
    Joe Arbogast