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Remove or disable PayPal widget credit card buttons

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  • Remove or disable PayPal widget credit card buttons

    Does anyone know how to disable the credit card buttons on the Paypal widget in the cart and checkout? I am referring to the clickable CC icons under the yellow PAYPAL and (if enabled) blue PAYPAL CREDIT buttons. The problem with these are since the last major PP update, customers can click on them thinking they are making a CC payment, but it brings them to a PayPal checkout window. This has caused much confusion and frustration with customers who simply want to pay using their credit card without signing up for PayPal.

    I emailed their customer support, and they said that this can be done, however, I'm not sure exactly how to use the script they provided.

    <script src=""></script>

    I've tried installing it in the template for the View_cart page, but I't doesn't seem to work. Would this need to be something done on the server-side the since the whole PP widget is rendered on page via a script? Sorry for the basic question, but I'm not a programmer.

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    Would like to be able to do the same. I have run into the same confusion from customers. Perhaps thecartdesigner can look at it.
    Joe Arbogast


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      I removed the paypal coding from the checkout page - so customers have to go to checkout - there they see this.
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        I was hoping to not have to resort to removing the widget from the cart. Many of our customers check out this way..


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          ebeegirl onering Birdsafe

          go: settings-->payment-->payment methods--> paypal express: UNCHECK "Allow guest checkout without PayPal account" and save. This is what holds the CC icons.

          Screenshot_2020-02-07 Sample Store - Online Store Manager.png

          When the icons are clicked it should allow the paypal guest checkout to show which is handy (see below). However without a title above the cc icons in the view cart it is confusing for customers that are unaware

          Screenshot_2020-02-07 PayPal Checkout.png

          If you are not getting the paypal guest checkout when clicking on a cc icon, is your view cart html modified and if so, when was it first modified?

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            That's it! Thanks so much for posting this. It was really confusing for some customers.


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              Yes, thanks thecartdesigner ! Will help clear a lot of confusion!
              Joe Arbogast


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                Thanks for clarification thecartdesigner