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  • Edit viewcart page - core templates

    This should be simple, but I’m not seeing it. Were do I go to edit the view cart page of the cart? Specifically, I’m looking to add a placeholder to the zip code text box in the calculate shipping section (have had two customers in the past 3 weeks the didn’t realize the text box after the state drop down was to enter a zip so thought the cart wasn’t properly calculating shipping). I know what to add, and I thought I found the template page, but access was denied when I tried to ftp the page back to the server.


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    You can't edit the files in the common folder. You have to copy them into your template folder and they'll over-ride the common folder files.


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      Thanks - I tried loading it to /web/assets/templates/furniture-core , but the changes don't seem to be showing. I've cleared the cache in the admin and tried on different computers.


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        There are two sections in viewcart.html. Did you add the place holder to the correct one?

        <!--START: ShipQuote-->

        - or -

        <!--START: ShipQuoteInternational--> <- This is used if the "Enable International Shipping Preview " setting is enabled under Settings>Shipping>Shipping Settings>View Cart Shipping Preview

        Tested on my store and it works fine.


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          Thank you JoeBTI - I put the code in the wrong section (had it in the ShipQuote - not International section)