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Help with mobile image resizing?

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  • Help with mobile image resizing?

    My mobile site looks bad on anything that is about 645px wide or smaller.

    I am checking it in Chrome (changing the size) and when I go to smaller sizes the thumbnails seem to shrink ALOT and the white space between the thumbnail and product description/price/add to cart gets bigger and bigger the smaller the screen is.

    It gets even worse if the product has reviews.
    Then the stars end up jumbled in the text!

    Is there some place I can set the minimum thumbnail size to 200px for mobile?
    Also a way to add some space between the product description and the review stars?

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    You would be best to just move to a CORE template. Otherwise you are fighting a losing battle on multiple fronts. Looks like your category page is not even html5 template set since it is using a table layout for items from a decade ago. You will be 1k times more happy with a new modern template compared to what you are trying to make work.
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      When I go to themes & styles I see this as my current theme:

      In my installed themes I also see this:

      Is that what I need to install to get this to work properly?
      If I install that html5 version, are all the changes I have done going to be wiped out?

      I tried to do a preview of the html5 theme and the product pages were jumbled.
      This is on the "PC view" and tablet view.
      The phone view looked OK but then the home page for the phone view look bad.
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