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CSS File Not Showing Changes In Admin

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  • CSS File Not Showing Changes In Admin

    Having issues with the css file in the admin. Make a change, save it, then the page reloads and it does not reflect the change in the file. However, if you view the store or css file in the browser inspect tool you see the change. Just not the admin...

    Sent 3d a message...Curious if anyone else is having this problem?

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    Everyone may be having this issue. I have the issue on all stores since the last update.

    Biggest problem is that if you are on the css file, make changes, the page reloads with the previous unmodifed css. So unless you clear cache and refresh the css page you will remove the changes you made previously. It is still a battle even though I know the process to get around it. And insanely tedious.
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      Same issue here when doing some updating the other day.