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Produtc name now listed on top of image galeery since 10.1.4

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  • Produtc name now listed on top of image galeery since 10.1.4

    Here is an unintended change of 10.1.4:

    There is an extra line with the Product name just above the Image Gallery.
    This line was not there with 10.1.3 so I assume it was introduced in 10.1.4
    We haven't made any change to our templates.

    I have look at other 3D cart store and saw the same thing on there stores

    How do we get rid of that?
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    This is explained in the release notes but they don't mention that it'll show up there. The caption for the first image is now the alt tag instead. The same field is doing double duty and it's auto-populated as you'd want an alt tag to be. You can remove the caption from displaying by editing your template but that'll mean that none of your captions show. The change is not ideal. This means that you cannot have a meaningful caption for your first image unless you want that caption to replace your alt tag. For instance, I often enter text in the caption to explain which color or pattern people are looking at. If I enter "woodland camo" to help shoppers, that will become my alt tag. Moving it to a new field might have been better. As is, we'll have to go through and find all of the inappropriate captions that were entered previously and are now in the "alt tag" field, move them out of there and find a workaround.