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Using the New Color Swatches

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  • Using the New Color Swatches

    Found 2 things wrong with the Color Swatches.

    1. Using the advanced options, and if you have the weights listed. Exported it out to a CSV. It will work just fine, and visa versa.
    Adding the Color swatches under the Advanced options, and you add color or what ever. It will loose your Advanced options weights, and not show in have to do it manually to work on the store front.

    A ticket has been issued and sent to the developers.

    2. If you do a Phone Order....and that product has the COLOR SWATCH. It will not work.

    A ticket has been submitted for that as well. Tech support was like. Wow. It dont work even on their test store. Just wanted to pass this info on in case someone else has this issue as well.