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    Is there a way to edit/change the registration page required items??
    I set up a wholesaler customer group. But, I want to require the Tax ID number for wholesalers but not for retail accounts. Anyway to do this? I only see the one register.asp template.

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    A while back I made changes in the Registration_0.html template. If I'm remembering correctly - I think I fiddled with the required codes - right after the "Required Fields" block (start then end), there's a long list of all the items on the registration. I simply removed the
    <!--START: req_shipping_phone--><img src="assets/templates/common/images/error2.gif" width="12" height="12"><!--END: req_shipping_phone-->
    - from the Tax ID line - that way I could utilize the one registration form for both regular retail and wholesalers to set up their initial account. Error message works fine as well.

    Regarding Wholesale...also have a Wholesale Content page with several pages hooked up to it. One is a contact/request form to receive wholesale info (similar to the regular Contact Us page) with a few added lines/questions with text boxes - this way even if they've signed up for their account, they will need to wait for approval (and the info from my wholesale contact form) before I assign them to their wholesale account. The information from these contact forms (both) come through fine to my email - but from the customer's perspective, there is no indication that the form submitted properly. Haven't had time to figure out how to get the message showing "we have received your request" ...but I'm assuming I need some reference somewhere. But since I'm still finishing up some other things, that one will need to wait a bit more for attention.