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    Is there a way to add variant images? We have lots of pictures of the various colors, etc. of the products. Again, I'm just not seeing where to do this. Did a search, went thru every tab in the item. Just can't find it. Thanks, again.


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    If you just want to showcase various "views" of the product - say a picture showing a spread with all colors - you could just upload alternative images under the "images" tab for that particular product. You'd upload them under image2, image3, etc... You could also import them using a csv file with the file name and path entered.

    Using the example of a color option - If you want to show say a swatch that customers can see as they select which color they'd like for an option - under the "Options" tab - you would select "DropImage" as the type for that option. Then you would scroll down to add each option. Once added you would click "select" to select the swatch or image that you'd like to use. Just make sure that the image you select isn't too large - making your site too wide when that option is selected.

    Hope this helps and hope it makes sense...:)


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      That helped. A lot!! Our images are sized for our other cart, so dimensions aren't a problem. Just didn't know how to set them up in 3D. Don't think I'd ever have found that without some direction. Thank you!



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        No problem. Glad to help! :)


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