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    I want to use the "Browse by Manufacturer" feature but NOT list all the manufacturers. Is there a way to do this? In other areas on the admin there is a check box for "hide link" or hide item. Can you do this with Manufacturers? Also, why is the header different than the site content headers. In other works, it's only a WYSIWYG form. I want to use the style and formatting like in the Global header and footers. For example, the site font in the manufacturer header does not match the other fonts on the website. The listed available fonts aren't the same as the global website formatting! Anyone can help me out here? :(

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    well this is pretty crappy that you cant do a simple sort like this. :mad:


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      You should be able to fix the formatting issue by adjusting the CSS for the header in your frame.html file. I believe this has to be done using FTP and editing the file locally, not in the WYSIWYG editor.

      As for hiding manufacturers I don't think you could do it without custom work of a creative workaround like using CSS to hide a manufacturer. Why don't you just leave the manufacturer blank for the products that are manufactured by a company you don't want listed. I don't see why this would be necessary if you don't want it listed anywhere.


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        You can't sort by manufacturer if you leave it blank and other categorations that prove helpful to have it.. I don't see why this attribute doesn't have a "hide" checkbox like so many of the others. Also, something probably goes wrong if you leave it blank. ie: I accidentally left the "distributor" blank and the shipping calculation would'nt work. Just kept saying, there is no available shipping option. Had it like this for several months and never sold that item. A customer let me know, and wow, what a bummer! :eek:


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          It would be usesful to have the option to hide manufacturers. In addition, it would be useful if the manufacturer's template functioned like a category template. You could classify the products in the categories and sub-categories so that the customers could easily navigate to just the products they want to see by that brand. It allows the customer to shop a brand in an organized way. This is more useful than just having all of the products listed. The 3.0 version offers sorting options but does not address this issue. Some of our brands have a large number of sku's. It's kind of a mess for the customer to wade through this. If the manufacturer's page functioned similar to a category you could still have the option of showing all of the products at one time. For now, we've solved this issue by creating catagories and sub-categaries for some of our manufacturers to do exactly this. It would be extremely useful to have this built into the cart.


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            Yes. Agreed. I don't know why the manufactures weren't more similar to the other things like categories and such.