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    i have had several problems with the limitations of the template design options available. i think it would be a good idea to keep a log of these, so here is what i have. (i will be blunt in my post just to keep it as short as possible) i will add to the list if others have good suggestions.
    1. css design why is there no default css design template?! this really eats up a TON of time to create modern SEARCH FRIENDLY designs.
    2. white space padding, spacing, margins, transparent gif... 3dcart templates are PACKED with hidden whitespace. WHY? it is easy to add white space if you want it on a specific item, or in CSS. but it is a nightmare to hunt down in the mess of tables and 20 different design template files. at LEAST pull whitespace into css so i only have to edit 1 file to remove it instead of 20.
    3. breadcrumbs Why on earth are breadcrumbs not part of frame.html? breadcrumbs are only useful if they are provided sitewide and in a consistent position. currently there is [page_fulline] and [category_fulline]. if i could just throw in [breadcrumbs] into the frame.html, that would be MUCH more useful
    4. no nested lists I have said this for a while, but the lack of ability to create nested lists in menu links and category links kills any possibility of automatically generated search friendly drop downs. really, REALLY, hurts the design.

    improvements so far:
    1. captcha was having spam problems on the forms. happy to see that v3 now has captcha

    I also hope to be able to STRIKE items from the list when/if 3dcart implements them. feedback welcome for support!
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