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  • modify terms and conditions

    I figured out how to do it before, but can't for the life of me find how to do it now. the page with the list of terms starts the shipping info, then a more info link. for some reason they say 2 different things. the "shipping" page that i have under html is blank. :confused:

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    Hi maryg!

    If I'm understanding correctly, I think you can find the page you're looking for by navigating to Settings > Design > Site Content

    Our policies page appears at the top of that page under the "Menu Links" heading.



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      oh, thank you! i forgot that i used database feed to set it up originally. i kept wondering why nothing was there. it's taking me months to get this working as i have other duties that keep taking me off task. i feel like i have to relearn it every time i work on it.